Current Submittal – 080824

Current Submittal – 080824

amphorae is neither block nor cistern, instead it is a hybrid of both that is both structural and functional

Our latest version of our component separates the cistern and the planter. It is a variation of our Brise Block and exhibits both the airiness and flexibility of our original component. Our newest design will also be easier to cast considering since it is simply a one inch sheet that has been manipulated.

Axonometric View

Top View

Side View

Side View


Silicone testing photos

the following photos are of our silicone material tests:

Project Development

Geometry Update

Brick Tests

Initial Material Test

Our first task was to start experimenting with different casting techniques. While working on the Brise Block we learned that the proper mold techniques quite literally make or break the concrete. For Ampohorae we will use a layer of silicone between the wood molding and the concrete cavity. Rather than preparing a full sized test we created a bowl that would match the thickness of the proposed Amphorae blocks.

The photo above is of the two bottom portions of the permanent mold. In order to cast the bowl 4 outside pieces were created and 4 inside pieces were created.

The photo above shows the first layer sealant for the lightweight MDF molds. Rather than starting with polyurethane, our first layer is a mixture of glue and water.

In the photo above Adam is applying a liberal layer of the glue water mixture.

The photo above shows the four inside pieces of mold. This model gives a close representation of the final cast piece.

We end this update with an upclose shot of one portion of the mold. The chattered edge shows some ghost lines that were added by the mill. These lines occur because of errors in our geometry and we will work on eliminating them for the next round.

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