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02/16/09 Completed Pieces

Some of our tabletop planters:

Final Wave Installation


081015 Photo Update

Here are some images of our wave block. This will be the most complex casting within the Amphorae project.

Torso Wall Installation Update

Hello Everyone,

Here is our first wall installation for the Solid States Concrete Conference. Special thanks to LaFarge and Columbia University for all of your help!

080924 Photo Update

Here are some images of finished Torso Blocks and finished Tabletop Blocks:

Single Torso Block

The Ductal creates a perfect finish

We have been casting 15 hours a day

The tabletop planter its’ positive shell waiting for rubber

Final tabletop planter

Final tabletop planter

Medium Block Submittal – 080826

Medium Block Submittal – 080826

amphorae is neither block nor cistern, instead it is a hybrid of both that is both structural and functional

The simple block is a vertical extrusion that has a uniform thickness of 1″. The overall dimensions are 27″ x 12″ x 9″. This block is a slight variation of our Simple Block and is the getting closer to our original aspirations for the ampohrae wall cistern unit.

Medium Block Technical Specs

Medium Block Unit

Medium Block Section Cut