Amphorae  – water collection and distribution system

Water is the building block of life, over time water will become a continually more precious resource. We plan on creating a system of ecologically
sensitive concrete elements that will be used for the collection, filtration and redistribution of water. These units will not only hold water, but they will also have smaller pockets with space to grow
various forms of plant life that will be fed by the
individual cisterns.

The Amphorae elements will be constructed from ecologically sensitive concrete. Our mixture will be composed of recycled sand and reconstituted fly ash as a bonding agent. Our mixture will reduce carbon emissions by more than 30% when compared to standard concrete. The module itself will also have numerous functions that range beyond simple structural units, such as water collectors and planters.

Amphorae is not just a single object; it is a
collection of various objects with differing sizes and functions ranging from small bricks to full pieces of furniture. All of which will be tied together
functionally and aesthetically. Similar to the ancient Greek Amphorae, our elements will range in size and level of detailing based on function. As ancient Greek Amphorae carried products, out Amphorae will carry lifestyles. This will be a lifestyle based on the beauty and elegance of sustainable and
ecologically sensitive design work.

Although the project will have numerous elements, the main focus of the exhibition will be the building block elements. These elements will be cast from a reconfigurable mold that be able to dictate different
functions based on programmatic adjacencies. This means that the bricks will adjust themselves based on their orientation. Possibilities of these
orientations would be a wall, an arch or a canopy.

Overall our intentions are simple; create a
captivating design that will encourage people to think about concrete as an ecological substance on numerous levels.


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